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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Direct Link Here Show #1 for 2005-06-15, 2.7MB, 64kbps mp3, 5:43

The Podlion has been unleashed!
I am the PodLion.
To send a topic for me to talk about, email me! kingredlion@gmail.com
This is the first podcast entirely created from the listener; what I mean by that, is -YOU- the listener pick what I'm talking about! You send me a topic, and if I like it, I use it!
I great appreciate votes on Podcast Alley, and if you would subcribe using my XML feed --> ; If you need help setting this up, there you should be able to find help at Podcast Alley and iPodder. Of course, you could always just download it directly.

What's goin' on:
-I copied Adam Curry's Daily Source Code opening; Link
-I explain the show, and how it works. (send an email to kingredlion@gmail.com)
-I describe my podcast "recording studio".

There was -lots- of stuff I forgot to mention, that I'll get into in the next podcast; including:
-Pauses and uhhs
-Innapropriate for some people
-The Humour aspect
-Other stuff that I forgot as I was typing *laugh*

King of Red Lions

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