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Power to the listeners! Tell me what to do, masters.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Direct Link Here Show # 2 for 2005-06-20, 12.8MB, 64kbps mp3, 11:05
I am the podlion.
I FORGOT TO PUT "PODCAST" AS THE GENRE FOR THIS SONG, I HOPE THIS DOESN'T MESS ANYTHING UP! I did for me, I have a playlist that takes everything I haven't listend to that's podcast, and puts it on my shuffle (along with **** and up).

To send a topic for me to talk about, email me! kingredlion@gmail.com
This is the first podcast entirely created from the listener; what I mean by that, is -YOU- the listener pick what I'm talking about! You send me a topic, and if I like it, I use it!

Today's Show:
-I start by going off the things I forgot to mention on the first show (I'm sure I'll think of more later...)
-My horrible kayak trip (WARNING! This was a rant,...I understood what I was saying,...but if you can't, I'm sorry ^_^)
Bubbles: Where did you get the, "King of Red Lions" from?
Whippitywappity: Trivia

-Here are the questions from the trivia in case you didn't catch them:
Who is Don Diego De la Vega known more as to americans?
Arizona has official state neckwear, what is it?
About how much of the earths land surface is above the equator?
What did homer simpson change his name to, temorarily?
What was used to erase lead pencil before rubber was used?

No prizes,...just fun! Send an audio comment with your awnser if you'd like to be on the show (feel free to plug you podcast while your at it), if you don't have recording equipment, or just don't want to record, then just send a regular email and I'll read it on the show: kingredlion@gmail.com

King of Red Lions

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