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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Direct Link Here Show 3 for 2005-06-22, 6.9MB , 64kbps mp3, 14:54
I am the podlion.

I spent about 5 hours or so re tooling this entire site. I didn't like the template...so I went with a blank design and worked from scratch. It took,...a -very- long time (I guess it didn't help that I forgot to save it the first time around. So please, I would appreciate it, if you could tell me how you think of it!

I forgot to mention Jawbone, from Jawbone Radio, he, is, FUCKING AMAZING! He drew that awesome lion attached to the .mp3. The first one (with the words), that drawing is mine, but if your using iTunes (i'm not sure if it works with other music players), you should be able to click the arrow at the in the upper right corner and see other pictures attached. Isn't that an awesome drawing? I recommend everyone check out his podcast..., and I'll be talking about him in the next show.

To send a topic for me to talk about, email me! kingredlion@gmail.com
This is the first podcast entirely created from the listener; what I mean by that, is -YOU- the listener pick what I'm talking about! You send me a topic, and if I like it, I use it!
Today's Show:
-Harp dust in my nose-makes me sound nasily
-I destroyed my music! All of it!
-I was on dawn and drew!!!!!!!!
-I got world of warcraft, and I describe my woes with it
-My brother brian is going to be on MTV!
-Should I have background music the the DSC

Answers to the last show's trivia:
Who is Don Diego De la Vega known more as to americans?
Arizona has official state neckwear, what is it?
the bolo tie
About how much of the earths land surface is above the equator?
around 2/3rds
What did homer simpson change his name to, temorarily?
Max power
What was used to erase lead pencil before rubber was used?
Pieces of Bread...just don't eat it!

Patty R from Wisconsin: Do you have a job? If so what do you do?
Homeboy2005: What kind of music do you listen to?

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