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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sort of a success?

I'm going to let my first show sit 'til maybe next monday, for I won't be here this weekend (kayaking, yay!). Please, remember to send topics, feedback (email or audio comment ((try to keep it short on the audio,..I have dial up remember))).

I was amazed, within' 10 hours of setting my first podcast up, I had 38 subscribers and 16 topics in my inbox. I have submitted my podcast to Podcast Alley, and I might stick with that first episode until the Podcast Alley thing is up (they are sooooo slow!) I just finished my promo from the Podshow and the Adam Curry's Daily Source code
Keep in mind that my HTML is a little rusty, and I'm doing all by scratch (no Dreamweaver for me...!), and for whatever reason, Blogger (sometimes...) double spaces when you use the "< br >" tag, so i'm trying something with the "< ul >" tag to get the effect that I want.
If someone could tell me how to get on the iPodder.org Directory that would be great. I think I put myself up on the iPodderX directory...but that's it so far...,
eep! Gotta get back to work (I'm on my lunch break right now), so subscribe/download, enjoy, and send me topics...RAWR!

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