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Friday, June 24, 2005

Wait for a bit?

Ok, I've got a majour problem.

I'm really sorry everyone (there's about 200 listeners based on what I can tell), but I need to put everything on hold for awhile. My .Mac account has been acting a little wonky lately,... and I couldn't figure out why.

It's been incredibly hard to upload, many many times, and I've contacted .Mac, and they've tried to help me, but nothing has worked; also, to make matters worse, my subscription to .Mac has run out, you should still be able to download the files for a period of time.

Money is a weeeee bit tight for me right now, and there are few things I need to work on first before I buy another subscription.

-My Cellphone is crapping out, and I need to update as soon as possible
-Car Payments
-I would -really- -REALLY- like to upgrade my iPod shuffle to something better...
-Other various things

Seeing how I make about 60-80 bucks a week, its going to be awhile before I can get things running again. Especially cause I can't get to the nearest Apple store (and I can't use my parents' credit cards... I've asked). I've got lots of stuff comming up too; a work trip, 4th of July trip, camping trip...bleh. I might cancel the latter 2...but, we'll see.

So the King of Red Lions has been postponed indefinitely, the only way I could keep going, is if someone would let me borrow server space for free (and I don't think thats going to happen, I'm going to assume that anyone that's listening owns a server with OODLES of free space). So, until my grand re-debut,....

Too bad it was so soon, hope you can wait!

King of Red Lions

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